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“As much as things change, a few things do remain constant:
honor, truth, integrity, and love.”
-- John Baldoni         

Profit with HonorTM  - Key Concepts:

Who We Serve:

Profit with HonorTM Participants come from a variety of backgrounds.  Consultants, coaches, executives, sales professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs.  What participants do for a living varies. What they really want does not.  They want more Freedom, Flexibility, Fun and Fulfillment.  All that and more Money too! 

If you have been struggling to add clients and increase revenues. Or, if you have lost some of your enthusiasm, excitement and energy …

 Join us in  Profit with Honorä  and discover a life filled with more choices and less restrictions, reactions, chaos and clutter.

Profit with HonorTM  focuses on five key areas of your personal and professional life:


Your Values and Beliefs - What’s really important to you? Personally and Professionally? 


Your Perspective -  What assumptions do you make from situation to situation? How well do those assumptions serve you? 


Your Goals - What do you Really want to HAVE, BE, and DO? 


Your Actions - What are you willing to do to get that? 


Your Support - Who can you enlist to support you in those efforts?

And here’s a Bonus.  You don’t have to go it alone!

One of the benefits of participating in Profit with HonorTM  is that you will have help as you explore answers to these questions. Your professionally-trained facilitators, as well as fellow participants, will provide support, encouragement, new perspectives and possibly a sense of accountability - a collaboration that will empower you to take bolder actions in building your business and enjoying your life.

Profit with HonorTM helped me to get more clear on WHO I wanted to be in my business and on how I wanted to show up in all interactions with clients and colleagues. The five-week program provided ongoing development and depth that would not have been accomplished in a one-time session. Mary Wacker and John Morlan are a good team and did an excellent job at facilitating the learning process.”

-- Lori Glander, President, Learning Leverage, LLC