MP3 stories from "Stories Trainers Tell" by Mary B. Wacker and Lori L. Silverman - storytelling in action for training.
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Storytelling in Action: Sample MP3 stories from
"Stories Trainers Tell"

Button - play this story#19 The Cobblers Children(4:21)
By Geoff Bellman, consultant and author of "The Consultant's Calling", 2nd ed. (2002)
Storytelling from personal experience. Here Geoff gains insight into how influence and power work in organizations. A memo creates a firestorm in his department with unforseen consequences for him and his superiors.

Button - play this story#37 Isolate, Exaggerate and Integrate (3:23)
By Joan Lloyd, Joan Lloyd & Associates

Coaches, particularly athletic coaches, are in the business of helping people improve performance. Joan studied what they do and applied it to the workforce. Here is storytelling in action: an encounter with a well-known professional ski instructor.

Button - play this story#28 The Worth of a Contribution(2:12)
By Kathy A. Nielsen, president, Nielsen Associates, Inc.
Harry Hopkins, trusted advisor to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, discovers his true value to his boss. He finds it is not measured in the totals on the time clock, but in the quality of a few hours of advice each week. This story is beneficial for people who question what their true priorities are day-to-day.

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